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Special offers

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Blooms Boutique Hostel Inn & Apartments is often visited by both young and older people. We host group of students, tourists, and families with children, as well as individual travelers. For some of them, we have prepared special offers.

For students

Favorable discounts

Blooms for several years is a place visited by students traveling alone for their part-time studies at universities, as well as group of students coming here for different sport, cultural or academic events. We have also hosted people who came to Poznań for studies and in meantime of looking for apartment, they stayed at our hostel getting discounts. Every student upon showing student card or ESN card will get -10% discount from standard prices*.
*discounts are not available during fairs

For employees

Affordable prices

Blooms Boutique Hostel Inn & Apartments is an accommodation facility in the heart of the city very often visited by people coming to Poznań because of work. Blooms is a place, where they can find 2nd home far away from their own, comfortable beds, and they can also prepare food for themselves in our 24h available kitchenette next to the reception. For employees we offer decent price, and for bigger number of reservations, we also offer discounts adjusted to their individual needs.

For organized groups

We will adjust the offer to the number of people

Because of big number of beds and localization, Blooms is a perfect place chosen by organized groups. We have already hosted school trips, organized student trips, and also fans gatherings. Every reservation is treated individually, that’s why offered prices are adjusted to needs and size of group including discounts.

Special offers

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