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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

To ensure safety and comfort of staff and visitors, please familiarize yourself with the following rules:

1. Terms and Conditions regulate rules under which the Service is provided, rules of accommodation in Blooms, and obligations and liabilities in a hostel-guest relationship. These terms and conditions are an integral part of the contract made when the reservation and/or prepayment or full payment are accepted by Blooms and when the check-in card is signed by the Guest. By performing the aforementioned steps Guest acknowledges having read and agreed to abide by these rules.
2. Terms and Conditions apply to all Guests and members of their party while in or around Blooms and it’s property.
3. Terms and Conditions can be found in every room and in the Reception.
4. Rooms are rented for a day. Check-in starts at 2 p.m.; check-out time is 11 a.m. Guests who do not check-out by noon will be charged for an additional day, without obligation to extend his stay by the reception and in the amount depending on the reservation.
5. Blooms reserves the right to move belongings of Guest that will not check out by 12 p.m. at latest and will not contact reception to request extension of his stay.
6. To extend their stay, Guests must contact Reception before 11 a.m. on the day of the departure. We will be happy to extend your stay if we have any free rooms available. Blooms reserves the right to refuse to extend the stay of any Guest who failed to make a full payment for the reservation or failed to comply with Blooms’ Terms and Conditions.
7. During the check-in procedure Guests are required to show a valid identification (i.e. passport or identity card) and sign the check-in card.
8. Blooms reserves the right to pre-authorise Guest’s credit card or collect a cash deposit to the amount of 100% fee for the entire stay.
9. Guest are not allowed to sublet the room to other party, even if the period for which they paid has not expired.
10. Visitors not registered as hostel Guests may remain in rooms between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.
11. Blooms reserves the right to refuse accommodation to any Guest who, during their previous stay, seriously infringed hostel regulations.
12. Booking process (rules concerning booking confirmation, prepayment, cancellation and no-shows) differ depending on the room type/rate.
13. Blooms may issue, upon request, a booking confirmation needed for a visa application. Before the confirmation is issued, the total amount of the reservation will be charged to Guest’s credit card. This payment is non-refundable.
14. If the Guest cancels the stay after the check-in time (2 p.m.), no refund will be given for this day.
15. When checking out, please leave the key at the Reception. The fine for each lost key is 100 PLN.
16. Blooms undertakes to enable the Guest to enjoy a full and unrestricted rest, to ensure their safety during the stay, including complete confidentiality of private information, to provide them with a professional, polite and comprehensive service, to clean and maintain their room(s) during Guest’s absence or, with their explicit permission, in their presence.
17. Room service may take place during Guest’s absence in the room.
18. Upon request, Blooms will provide the following additional, free-of-charge services: providing travel- and stay-related information, wake-up calls, luggage storage and taxi-ordering.
19. Guests are kindly asked to respect the ‘quiet time’ from 22 p.m. to 7 a.m.. Guests causing disturbance during night time will be asked to leave the hostel immediately.
20. Blooms reserves the right to end Guest’s stay with immediate effect if despite of the warnings from Staff, Guest still violates the regulations. The cost of already paid accommodation is not refundable in such situation.
21. Children and persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied at all times by their legal guardian. Guardians are liable for any damages caused by them.
22. Blooms may provide, upon request and free of charge, a cot and a bathtub for any child under the age of 2.
23. Pets are allowed only in private rooms, i.e. rooms not shared with other guests. 25 PLN fee applies for one pet in room. If there is more pets in room additional 10 PLN fee applies for each subsequent pet. Owners are obliged to clean up after their pets and must ensure the safety and comfort of all Blooms’ guests and Staff.
24. Blooms is a non-smoking establishment and smoking is strictly prohibited on the property except in the designated smoking areas. Please observe the statutory ban on smoking. Penalty for violation is 200 PLN.
25. For the reasons of fire safety, please do not use any electrical appliances other than those provided by Blooms, with the exception of phone chargers.
26. Guests are not allowed to keep dangerous goods in hostel rooms, such as weapons, ammunition, explosives, flammable or combustible liquids, or hazardous chemicals.
27. Guests are not allowed to make any changes to hostel rooms and equipment, except for slight rearrangement of the furniture and equipment, so as not to violate their functionality and safety of use.
28. Unsolicited direct or indirect sale of goods or services on the property in strictly prohibited.
29. Guest are not allowed to cause excessive noise, irritating smells or any other factors likely to disturb or harm Staff or other Guests.
30. Guests are liable for any damage to the building or property of Blooms caused by misuse or negligence by themselves, members of their group or any person visiting them. Blooms reserves the right to charge Guest’s credit card for damages after the check-out procedure.
31. Every organized group is obligated to pay refundable deposit. The amount of it is determined during reservation procedures.
32. Infringement of hostel regulations may lead to Guest’s eviction. If this occurs, Guest is obliged to respond immediately to Staff orders, pay a total amount for the services hitherto provided, pay for any damages they may have caused, and leave the premises.
33. For safety reasons, the guest should always turn off the light and the taps, and lock the door when leaving the room.
34. Blooms is not liable for damage to, or loss of, objects of scientific and artistic value, money, or securities left behind on the premises.
35. Blooms is liable for damage to, or loss of, valuables, securities, money or objects of scientific and artistic value only if these objects were placed for safekeeping at the Reception.
36. Blooms reserves the right to refuse to take on the safekeeping of valuables, money and securities if they are substantially more valuable than those normally handed over by guests in the accommodating establishment, as well as any potentially dangerous items and substances and any objects too large to put in the deposit.
37. Blooms provides parking spaces, located at the inner courtyard parking lot. Parking is available if booked in advance, at the fee of 25 PLN per car per day (from 2 p.m. to 11 a.m.), payable along with the fee for the room. If a car is parked without notifying the Reception in advance, a daily fine of 100 PLN applies.
38. Blooms is not responsible for any loss or damage to any vehicle parked in or outside hostel parking lots, or any objects or live animals left in it.
39. Guest’s personal belongings left at the hostel may be sent to a designated address at Guest’s expense. In case of lack of contact from the Guest, items will be stored for up to three months, after which they will become the property of Blooms. Food products will be stored for 24 h.
40. Guests have the right to file a complaint if the quality of service is not up to standard. All complaints should be submitted to the Reception. All complaints will be processed only after showing a valid receipt for the service. Complaint should be filed immediately after occurrence of an event giving rise to the complaint.
41. The administrator of personal data of hotel guests’ is the company Gallops Investment Sp. Z O.O. Following adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) information on data processing is available at the reception and on our website.
42. Guests agree to storing and processing of their personal data by Gallops Investment Sp. z o.o., located at Kwiatowa 2, 61-881 Poznań to the extent necessary to arrange Guest’s registration and accommodation at Blooms. Guests have the right to view their personal data and submit any necessary changes.